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France - 1998-2007

Investment pool for which I worked to bring the occupancy rate from 63% to 99.8%. All of this, thanks to the redevelopment undertaken and an active marketing strategy that enabled increasing revenues and a better adaptation to the needs of present and incoming occupants.

I initiated and completed the disposal to an Anglo-Saxon investment fund in 2007.

Creation and optimization of a 19,753 m² estate
Fresnes (94)
 > 7,050 m2 developed on a plot of 11,000 m²  

Ivry sur Seine (94)  > 7,519 m2 on a plot of 11,500 m²
Vitry sur Seine (94)  > 5,184 m2 on a plot of 7,131 m² (site recently rebuilt) Formerly occupied by Browning and Matflex SA 

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