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France - 2012-2018

Negotiations, development and acquisition of stakes in real estate operations through the implementation of different investment pools


St Quentin en Yvelines (78)  > 12,500 m2 developed on 15,200 m2 of land.

Formerly occupied by Tyco and Mather & Platt 


Renovation of the current site in agreement with the institutions to adapt the buildings to their current needs. The lease marketing campaign is already underway, and a group of international standing has already leased part of the premises. The statutory filing for the works and building permits will depend on the applications to be submitted and on the natural articulation of the buildings.


Indeed, overly ambitious redevelopment would involve an increase in rental values, which would go against the desired goals, namely, maintaining the existing tenants in the long term and, if possible, in the premises.


For each transaction, it is necessary to find the right balance to meet a sustainable development policy and the continuity for the investments made. 


Type: Estate transaction - 2019 Update, asset sold.

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