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The city of tomorrow should automatically integrate greener lifestyles, taking into account more than just the needs of everyone on a personal or professional level.  

It is thus necessary to provide the means by which individuals of all ages will achieve these objectives today, without adding recurrent and severe constraints and consequences for each trip, namely, solutions to promote welfare and efficiency for the benefit of all.



Urban and extra-urban mobility - Madrid Region

Project  The idea is to establish a pioneering agency that will offer customers environmentally-friendly means of transport, 
either for rent or sale, with the aim to meet regular or occasional needs of travelers, 
either individual or shared, for short urban journeys or further destinations beyond their immediate urban area. This first implementation 
will be followed later by the development of an 
agency network throughout Spain and, especially, in the new cities, to accommodate
these means of transport to all types of customers.

Spain - 2017 - 2019

Located in south west of France, the project is consisting to bring an unfinished 18th century classified historic property with vinyards into a cultural and touristic real estate program that will offer luxury accomodation, events, sports contest and culture in général, including gastronomic aspect.

Spain - 2017 - 2019



The project is planned to be ecological and integrate a particular attention to wine and organic foods production or serving. All the «on site» services and product will also revolve around welness, playful education and personal improvement through exclusive custom experience all along the guest or visitors stay. We want this programm become a example in the hotel industry.



After a thorough study of the Spanish property market, the business atmosphere and opportunities that presented themselves, I decided to diversify my activities towards the promotion of housing projects with the construction of individual properties. 


Firstly, because the market is buoyant, and the borrowing rate is quite low, as is the granting of customer financing in healthy banking conditions with a minimum of 20% down payment. 


This makes the property development business more reassuring to the risk of the overheating of the market, even if there is a price adjustment expected in the next 3 years.


200 hectares for housing development - Madrid Region 
Project: Through this housing project, the products selected for the occasion offer a modern design and integrate the latest technology and the most advanced energy performance. All of this in the context of an incisive marketing plan with very attractive prices to clear local competition. I also add to this real estate offer services that bring buyers or occupants solutions for the future, both in terms of ecological mobility and profitability, as well as asset optimization.



Acquisition in progress of a 29.000 m² office and industrial complex in Paris region in the purpose of a reclassification into a commercial building adapted to actual and next occupants needs.


Our goal is to divide the building in several parts taking in account the differents metalic structure of the frame assembled during the progressive construction and define a wide range of spaces that would fit the demand. This imply a deep study of the building in terms of characteritics and capacity to be able to make the right choices for a minimum of cost without fogetting a budget for the attractiveness visual appearance.

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