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2,500 sqm castle with 45 ha of vineyard in Bordeaux area
This project, located in the south-west of France, consists of transforming an unfinished 18th century property into a touristic real estate program. A huge renovation with a construction extension will be undertaken as planned initially in 1786 by the original Architect, Victor Louis.

Spain - 2017 - 2019



The touristic site that will include luxury accommodation with suite starting from 500 sqf will be reopened to visit, offering a full package of cultural activities and entertainment including literature, music, events, sports, gastronomy and showcase.


The property will be moved deeply to the new generation of building taking in account strictly the original architecture and the history with an integration of new technologies and renewal energies. Ecological project based on sustainable development concept, keeping in mind that we want to maintain the highest ratio of comfort and wellness for the guests, clients and visitors.

The purpose is to offer an unforgettable customized experience, throughout the visitors’ stay. We want this touristic project become a showcase in the hotel industry. Of course, the food will be all natural, but this now should be the norm and not the exception!

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