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The city of tomorrow should automatically integrate greener lifestyles, taking into account more than just the needs of everyone on a personal or professional level.  

It is thus necessary to provide the means by which individuals of all ages will achieve these objectives today, without adding recurrent and severe constraints and consequences for each trip, namely, solutions to promote wellbeing and efficiency for the benefit of all.



After a thorough study of the Spanish real estate market, the business atmosphere and the opportunities that presented themselves, I have decided to diversify my activities towards the promotion of housing projects involving the construction of individual properties.

The reason is that the market is buoyant and the borrowing rate is quite low, as is the granting of customer financing under healthy banking conditions, with a minimum down payment of 20%.

This makes the real estate development business more reassuring when faced with the risk of market overheating, even if a price adjustment is expected in the next 3 years.

200 hectares for housing development - Madrid Region

Project: Through this housing project, the products selected for this instance offer a modern design and integrate the latest technology and the most advanced energy performance. All of this in the context of a cutting-edge marketing plan, with very attractive prices to defeat local competition. To this real estate offering I have also added services that provide solutions for the future to buyers or occupants, both in terms
of ecological mobility and profitability, and of asset optimization.

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