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What can we contribute to society whether individually, through a think tank or as part of our business activities? Are we forced to provide for or participate in just the regular process of society development, by randomly integrating only trendy phenomena or current events?

Building the future is not about responding to often redundant events, by finding solutions that are by default punitive or depriving, just to address pressing needs or for marketing purposes. It is about achieving sustainable development by anticipating those events. This is nothing new, but this idea seems far from being widespread, despite the worrisome economic or ecological indicators. Technological progress now seems much faster than the human ability to organize or adapt to it, and this entails a certain level of turmoil. The archaic way in which society has structured itself over time, and the burden stemming from this structure mean that there is somewhat of a permanent delay in addressing the major challenges that society must face. Immediacy, therefore, takes precedence over planning, and when immediacy is integrated into any approach, essential criteria are left out.

Perhaps the objectives for which we have been shaped from our youngest age are confining us to what seems to be the driving force of all nations, namely growth and domination, sometimes just to avoid becoming dependent. Despite the maturity level that we are supposed to display, this is ultimately a global race into which everyone continues to get engaged without even paying attention to the key rules, the most important one of which is “balance.” “Balance” is the element without which nothing could work in the universe. The word “balance” does not mean “equal,” because life is made of cycles that need to be considered, but this word doesn’t mean a structural or societal forward plunge either. 

Let us remember that each of us, at own our level, is far more effective when manufacturing and consuming better, than any existing legislation concerned only with setting limits that are often broken or bypassed. There is no limit in the search for progress, when humans are placed at the center of concerns related to this quest. Innovation must also respect this principle. It is up to us to pay attention to what is offered to us, or to what we accomplish.

This philosophical approach has no interest if it is not used in every step we take, at any level. It is therefore necessary to apply it and to give ourselves, with every opportunity, the means to show that real progress or innovation is the one that allows us to reach a state of well-being and not of frustration. Otherwise, we need to find other solutions or change our method. Complacency has never brought satisfaction over the medium and long term.

There is no need to further develop this vision here, but please note that all the projects initiated by E-Partners Capital, LLC are being considered only if they create added-value to the benefit of all. An exciting forecast cannot be the only selection criterion. The key question is, first and foremost, what are we bringing to society through the proposed project? If no answer comes to mind, the project is abandoned. However, the benefits derived from operations are deemed essential as well.

My work consists of finding ideas that will revive memories of the past, giving them a second life through new innovative concepts and technologies, no matter the era that brought them to life, the journey they have undergone and the influences that have shaped them.
Phillippe Cussonnier


2019 - 2020

Start-up investment

1995 - 2019

Real Estate Investment

1990 - 1995


1992 - 1995

Professional Training

1987 - 1992

Advertising, Press, and Publishing

24 years

in real estate already!

I have been able to test my multidisciplinary training through professional experiences in different fields, including real estate, working in different positions. The common thread of this training has always been creativity: worlds that seemed far apart turned out to be complementary in the end. This has allowed me to handle atypical cases, often ignored and largely untapped or even abandoned, from inception to delivery, with great autonomy. My work consists of finding ideas that will revive memories of the past, giving them a second life through new innovative concepts and technologies, no matter the era that brought them to life, the journey they have undergone and the influences that have shaped them.

The goal is to discover all the advantages of a building or a site, to showcase them and to establish all the means that will allow us to adapt them to a specific activity, purpose or current and future needs of users, customers or operators who will perpetuate this heritage and add value to it over time.
This has always the result of a team effort. Once the negotiations are completed, I rally around the project I have designed all the professionals who will ensure the success of the operation. Each project has its own characteristics and, again, it is necessary to find the right formula to deliver a product that is attractive, different, innovative and unique. Specialized operators, who are very active in their respective fields, are invited to act at different levels, based on the requirements of the project and on its special features, sometimes by making equity investments, if the opportunity arises.
The issues I have handled in the real estate business with my partners and associates, have allowed me to acquire in-depth experience in the following areas: industry, logistics, hospitality (from 3-star entities to palaces), trade, as well as technology and services. But since our knowledge (as a team and as shareholders) is limited, we surround ourselves with external experts (consultants, users, future operators and service providers) every time.
These projects, very different from each other in terms of products and targets, can only be completed with the support of a representative investment pool. Its skills allow us to understand the challenges, all the goals defined and the particularities of each case.
To do this, the existence of a group consisting of a dozen French and foreign investors, who, in turn, have other partners, allows us to gather resources that are quite substantial, around any program that I design and initiate. The budgets of current projects range from €3 to 120 million. I myself have achieved €35 million in acquisitions and arbitrages since 2007, despite a structural exposure, given the economic problems posed by the 2008 crisis, but subsequently resolved.
When I decide to undertake a project, I conduct all the architectural, economic, technical, marketing and feasibility studies. At the same time, I start a dialogue with local and national authorities to identify possible objections, and obtain all the necessary authorizations under the best possible terms. Once this phase is completed, the investment pools are finalized, and the various agreements to continue the project are duly executed.
Furthermore, the structuring is implemented according to the characteristics of each project, the financing method selected (cash or credit), and its typology (equity, real estate development, land management, development of new real estate or commercial concepts).

Phillippe Cussonnier



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